This design showcases three cork screw bottle openers at different positions looking like they are getting a workout uncorking all their bottles of wine with the quote, "Wine Aerobics" at the top and after the image "...and repeat!" on the bottom. A hearty workout for any wine enthusiast.


Available in 3 variations: 7.75 inch circle ($15.00), 7.75 inch square ($15.00), or a 12 x 14 inch rectangle, all with clear feet on the bottom ($25).


This tempered glass board works great as a cutting board and can be also be used as a heating trivet to save your counters and tables. Some people even just display them for a fantasic conversation piece. These make great gifts for new couples, house warming gifts or wine lovers. Customize your board with the vinyl color of your choice.


The image is adhered to the bottom with a high quality vinyl. HAND WASHING IS RECOMMENDED. Do not put in the dishwasher to save the integrity of the vinyl.

Wine Aerobics, cork screw, cutting board, trivet,or coaster